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(Vigna umbellate):

A small and tasty bean grown in Guatemala. The legend goes that once upon a time, food was very scarce. The birds led the people to a big rock, Waqkuje. When the people looked inside the rock they found peanuts, corn, beans and the amicillo (ricebean). The pods should be harvested a little green as the dry pods will shatter and spill the mature beans. Ricebean is day-length sensitive and will not set fruit well in northern lattitudes.


Epic origin grown by:  Basilia Alvarado Lajuj, Guatemala


Planting Instructions: Ricebean is a climbing bean that is often intercropped with corn or sorghum. Trellising is recommended for best quality of fruit and ease of harvest. After all danger of frost, sow 3 seeds per yard. Prolific foliage on spreading vine will fill in space. Harvest pods when they are slightly green as fully dry pods will shatter and disperse the beans.


Sow: May-June

Germinate: 5-8 days

Water: Moist

Harvest: 90 days

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