Christobal's Hibiscus (Rosa de Jamaica)

Christobal's Hibiscus (Rosa de Jamaica)


The beautiful magenta flower of this plant can be dried and harvested to make a tea.  The tea is very high in vitamin C, and is often consumed in Guatemala to help reduce fever and treat urinary tract infections.  With a little sugar or honey, it makes a delicious sun tea.


Introduced to Rabinal, Guatemala by Mayan farmer, Cristobal Osorio Sanchez.  He taught hundreds of families to grow it in the refugee community of Pacux.  It is now an important cash crop in the region, helping to bring in extra income to farming families.


Planting Instructions: Hibiscus requires warm soil to germinate and a long season to mature, at least 5 months. In temperate climates it is best started indoors 8-10 weeks before last expected frost date. Sow 1-2 seeds a ½ inch deep in cells or flats using a heating matt or warm windowsill to maintain soil temperature. After all danger of frost, seedlings can be transplanted to garden. Space plants every 16-24 inches in rows 16-24 inches apart.


Epic origin grown by: Cristobal Osorio Sanchez,  Guatemala

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