Mr. Gideon's Beefsteak Tomato

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IMG_2698 copy.JPG

Mr. Gideon's Beefsteak Tomato


Our neighbor Karla gave us this seed, which she had been saving since 1977. This meaty tomato of indeterminate variety, ruffled and pink, has few seeds and an excellent flavor. Its namesake is Mr. Gideon, the farmer who previously tended our farm.

Epic origin: Amyo Farms, New Mexico

Planting Instructions:  Sow in cells or small pots 6-8 weeks before last expected frost date. Transplant to garden after all danger of frost, every 18-36 inches. Indeterminate varieties will require staking.

Sow: May-June

Germinate: 5-10 days

Water: Moist

Harvest: 80+ days

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