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This is unique variety of kale or collard that has been adapted to Guatemala. It has a shorter season and smaller leaves than other varieties of kale. In Guatemala it is most often put into stews especially with a beef broth. It can be found bundled in the markets with Cilantro for just this purpose. This variety does not grow large. Most often the whole plant is plucked and eaten when young and tender.


Epic origin grown by: Beatriz Sarpec, Guatemala


Planting Instructions: Colis is best direct seeded to the garden. Sow in bands 8-10 seeds per foot in rows 8-10 inches apart. Thin plants, gradually, eating as you go. Mature plants will not reach more than a foot tall or so before going to seed.


Sow: March-May

Germinate: 5-8 days

Water: Moist

Harvest: 45 days

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